confirmed cases of Covid-19 go up to 67 not Amazonas

Seven patients are hospitalized and one of them presents a risk of death.
26/03/2020 17h12 - Updated 27/03/2020 13h58

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The Amazon records, this Thursday (26/03), 67 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) e 18 in laboratory research, awaiting the results of tests. On Tuesday (24/03), It was recorded the first death in the state by the disease. This is a patient from the city of Parintins. Seven patients are admitted to one of them in the Intensive Care Unit (UTI), presenting risk of death.

The updating of the data on the new coronavirus, not Amazonas, was made, this Thursday (26/03), the chief executive of the Foundation for Health Surveillance (FVS-AM), Rosemary Costa Pinto, and the Deputy Executive Secretary of the Interior Specialized Care of the State Health Department (Sesame), Cássio Holy Spirit, video broadcast by the social networks of the Government.

The chief executive of FVS-AM highlighted the actions that the Government of Amazonas has adopted for the identification of new cases in a timely manner, mainly non inside, as well as to curb the spread of the virus in the state.

"In the surveillance area, we had several actions since yesterday (Wednesday, 25/03). Now, for example, we are in a videoconference with 61 interior municipalities, where we are giving guidance about the case definition, notification, what should be reported as suspected case, taking into account that we have seen, by social networks, many inland bulletin board, whose notifications are not coming to us ", said Rosemary.

Of the seven patients hospitalized, only one is in the Intensive Care Unit bed (UTI), Hospital and Emergency Room Delphina Aziz, in the north of Manaus. The reference unit is the Amazon for the treatment of severe cases of Covid-19.

The second patient admitted to Delphina Aziz due to the disease died late on Tuesday (24/03), after complications. He was coming from Parintins.

The other six inpatients are being treated in health facilities in the private network. according to Rosemary, all have good clinical, with an expected one of them discharged later on Thursday.

Patients who are not hospitalized, totaling 60 cases, They are in home isolation, tracked and monitored daily by health professionals, He informed the chief executive of FVS-AM.

"We have actions being carried out at a distance of guidance for those 60 patients who are at home and isolation being tracked, in the sense that we may be providing guidance to these patients, both in the course of their service 14 days of isolation as to assess whether these patients are either not having a worsening of your frame and needing medical attention or hospital ", said Rosemary.

no internal cases
Two new municipalities had confirmed cases Thursday: Santo Antonio do lea and Boca do Acre, each with a case. Like this, added to two diagnoses of Parintins, of 67 Amazonas patients, four are from the interior.

The Deputy Executive Secretary of the Interior highlighted the actions of the Government to support municipalities with confirmed cases, as St. Anthony's Içá, with supply of inputs and guidelines for appropriate investigation and treatment of suspected patients.

"Tomorrow, we will be sending an aircraft for county, Santo Antonio do lea, with inputs to support actions. FVS-AM will also send a team to assist in the investigation in the municipality itself. We are sending the priority input plane and other inputs are following the boat to the city. In fact, we are distributing supplies and PPE (Individual protection equipment) for all municipalities in the state. According to the situations, we have been adapting in order to meet ", he explained Cássio.

Purchase of new tests
The Amazon made the acquisition 60 thousand rapid tests for Covid-19. according to Cassius, Vendor forecast is that inputs are delivered to the government next Monday (30/03).

The chief executive of FVS-AM stressed that, as the number of tests will still be insufficient to test the entire population, this first moment, they will be applied only in people who integrate risk groups, as health professionals, elderly and people with chronic diseases.

"These tests are limited and they will be used to quickly identify the new coronavirus in health care workers, for the sake of ensuring the health and their isolation, and people with gravity that need to be identified quickly, severity or potential. no case, The above 60 years and who have some comorbidity. It will not be intended for the general population and even for those who have mild symptoms ", said Rosemary.

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