Third involved in aggression in the young carnival group arrested in Manaus

The crime occurred in the early hours of the day 24 of February, in a block Carnival, held in the parking lot of a private college.
25/03/2020 17h58 - Updated 25/03/2020 17h58

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On the afternoon of Wednesday (23/03), around 15:30, the teams of the Department to Combat Organized Crime (DRCO) fulfilled warrant for provisional arrest in the name of Caio Ribeiro Nogueira, 26, by participation in assassination attempts of a medical student, from 20 years, e da prima dele, from 21 years. The crime occurred on 24 February this year, during Carnival block in the parking lot of a private college, the avenue Nilton Lins, Flores neighborhood, in the south central area of ​​the capital.

According to the delegate Rafael Allemand, director DRCO, man was arrested in the Joint Hiléia, district Redemption, district Midwest Manaus. The case began after a man 26 years have sexually harassed the victim of 21 years. In this ocasion, man ran his hands on her buttocks, and before addition, her cousin, to protect it from view, He asked the man away.

As the police authority, moments later, when they are returning from the bathroom, the two young men were eventually caught by the same individual, I was in the company three men, among them Caio. At this time, offenders initiated aggression against the student and, then, against his cousin.

"After we become aware of the incident, we started diligence procedures and were able to identify the four offenders involved in crime. In this way, We continue the investigations into the case and, after receiving information, through anonymous tip, that Gaius was hiding in a residence of Hiléia Set, we shift us to the reported location and we succeed in the arrest of the individual ", He explained the delegate.

The delegate also pointed out that the police investigations of the occurrence follow underway to locate and arrest the offender's whereabouts last. All arrest warrants on behalf of the four involved were dispatched on 6 March this year, by Judge Anagali Marcon Bertazzo, Surveys Police Center.

Caio was indicted for attempted murder. At the end of the procedures applicable, it will be sent to custody hearing, which will be held by videoconference.

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