Bolsonaro says the Armed Forces are at the service of the will of the population

The president's statements on the role of the Armed Forces come amid demonstrations on the topic.
22/06/2020 20h15 - Updated 22/06/2020 20h15

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The Armed Forces' mission is to defend democracy and the institution is at the service of the will of the Brazilian population, said President Jair Bolsonaro this Sunday morning, at the funeral of a soldier who died the day before during the launch of paratroopers at an air base in Rio de Janeiro.

“Our mission, the Armed Forces' mission is to defend the homeland, is to defend democracy. As I said… ex-minister Leônidas Pires Gonçalves we are at the service of the will of the Brazilian population ”, said Bolsonaro, at the dead paratrooper's wake, citing Sarney government army minister. The president did not speak to the press.

The president's statements on the role of the Armed Forces come amid demonstrations on the topic, with Bolsonaro supporters and even some jurists defending a kind of moderating role of the institution.

This position, However, has already been refuted in a formal decision of the Supreme Federal Minister Luiz Fux and in statements by other members of the court, including its president, Dias Toffoli.

In his speech at the funeral, that was posted on one of your social media on video, Bolsonaro cited the saying when he said that “worse than the pain of defeat is the pain of shame for not having fought”.

"All of us… we must prepare, if one day the nation asks, if need be, give our lives for our country and for our leadership ”, said.

“I ask God to extend his hands over our dear homeland, to keep the intention of those who do not want us to be free from all harm ”, completed.

Bolsonaro's trip to Rio was not planned on the weekend's agenda. O presidente, who has already returned to Brasilia, was also not in acts of support to the government in the capital in the federal capital.

According to the Social Communication Section of the Eastern Military Command, the fatal accident with the soldier occurred on Saturday morning during the launch of paratroopers at Afonsos Air Force Base.

“During the jump, soldier Pedro Lucas Ferreira Chaves was attached to the aircraft and, after emergency procedures, the military’s parachute didn’t open properly ”, said.

The note said that the soldier suffered “serious injuries on his arrival on the ground, receiving, immediately, first aid by the local medical team. It was conducted, in sequence, to the General Hospital of Rio de Janeiro (HGeRJ), in Vila Militar, where was it attended, but unfortunately he died ”.

A Military Police Inquiry (IPM) was established to investigate the circumstances in which the accident occurred, informed the military command.

The President offered condolences to the dead soldier.

"We, fathers and mothers, we give our lives for our children. The timing is difficult, of consternation and reflection. Where we come from and where we will go, in this quick passage through Earth ”, said.

The president's trip to Rio to offer condolences to the dead soldier occurs on the day that Brazil should officially surpass the 50 thousand deaths by Covid-19.

Bolsonaro has avoided contact in the last days with the press after he and his allies suffered setbacks, like the Fabrício Queiroz prison, former parliamentary advisor to the son of Senator Flávio Bolsonaro (Republicans-RJ), investigated in a scheme of alleged misuse of parliamentary office resources, and the validation of the fake news inquiry by the Federal Supreme Court, that broke the secrecy of Bolsonar parliamentarians.

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