Amazon records 915 new cases and more than 67 thousand recovered from Covid-19

Among patients in Manaus, there is the record of 1.860 confirmed deaths due to the disease.

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Amazonas surpassed the 67 thousand people recovered from Covid-19 this Wednesday (08/07). New cases of the disease total 915 on the same day. In this way, are 80.082 confirmed cases of the new coronavirus in the state, second epidemiological bulletin consolidated by the Health Surveillance Foundation of Amazonas (FVS-AM).

In relation to new cases, 31 were confirmed by RT-PCR molecular biology exam, which identifies the virus in the body and detects new acute cases that are between the third and sixth day of symptoms, disease transmission period. The others 884 were confirmed by rapid tests that detect antibodies, with symptoms between eight and 60 days or more, of the first Covid-19 demonstrations.

The FVS-AM clarifies that, in the latest issue of the newsletter (07/07), the increase in 1.802 confirmed cases in the municipality of Coari, according to the Municipal Health Secretariat, is due to the intensification of diagnostic actions for Covid-19 by rapid tests in the last days.

According to the bulletin, more confirmed 15 deaths from the disease, of which four occurred in the last 24 hours and eleven that had diagnostic confirmation on today's date, raising to 2.967 the total deaths. In capital, according to data from the Manaus City Hall on Tuesday (07/07), were recorded 39 burials and a home death.

In all, 67.024 people have already gone through the quarantine period (14 days) and recovered from the disease. The bulletin also points out that 10.091 people diagnosed with Covid-19 are being followed, that is, are confirmed cases in the last 14 days, who are hospitalized or in isolation.

Among the confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Amazonas, there is 258 hospitalized patients, being 188 in clinical beds (20 on the private network and 168 in the public network) e 70 in ICU (17 on the private network and 53 in the public network).

There are still others 152 inpatients considered suspect and awaiting confirmation of diagnosis. Of these, 104 are in clinical beds (19 on the private network and 85 in the public network) e 48 are in ICU (20 on the private network and 28 in the public network).

The consolidation of the cases notified in Amazonas is carried out by FVS-AM based on information obtained in three systems: e-SUS Notification, Influenza Epidemiological Surveillance Information System (Sivep-Gripe) and the Laboratory Environment Manager (GAL), until 10am each day. In Manaus, were notified 81.527 cases, while inside the state the number reaches 98.606.

Notifications are carried out by the epidemiological surveillance of the municipalities through a health information system and passed on to the FVS-AM, that consolidates the data. Notified cases are confirmed or discarded, in the future, by laboratory examination or rapid tests.

In this edition, 13 municipalities have not updated the information system for consolidating the data in this bulletin.

From 80.082 confirmed cases in Amazonas until this Wednesday (08/07), 29.396 are from Manaus (36,71%) e 50.686 inland (63,29%).

Beyond the capital, 61 municipalities have confirmed cases: Coari (6.071); Manacapuru (3.206); Tefé (2.892); Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira (2.899); Parintins (2.841); Itacoatiara (1.683); Tabatinga (1.502); Benjamin Constant (1.472); Barcelos (1.417); Iranduba (1.282); Presidente Figueiredo (1.262); Humaita (1.136); Maués (1.050); Alvarães (1.035); Autazes (1.028); Santo Antônio do Içá (1.008); Brown Careiro (980); Tapauá (781); Sao Paulo de Olivenza (717); Barreirinha (692); Eirunepe (687); Rio Preto da Eva (671); Boca do Acre (678); Labrea (675); Santa Isabel do Rio Negro (643); Boa Fountain (604); Anori (597); Nova Olinda do Norte (591); North Watchtower (582); Uarini (569); Carauari (545); Fight (535); Itapiranga (531); Pauinis (510); Guajará (515); Tonantins (481); Beruri (461); Urucurituba (463); New Aripuanã (447); Amatura (448); Itamarati (391); Urucará (392); Manaquiri (329); Anam (330); Manicore (288); Japura (295); São Sebastião do Uatumã (280); Juts (272); Juruá (263); Boa Vista do Ramos (248); New Airão (235); Orphan (221); Silves (168); Nhamundá (163); Caapiranga (162); Codajás (156); Careiro da Várzea (111); Canutama (93); Apuí (62), Ipixuna (21) and Envira (19).

Among patients in Manaus, there is the record of 1.860 confirmed deaths due to the new coronavirus.

Not inside, are 55 municipalities with confirmed deaths so far, in a total of 1.107. The list includes Manacapuru (128); Coari (95); Parintins (87); Tefé (80); Tabatinga (75); Itacoatiara (54); Sao Gabriel da Cachoeira (47); Iranduba (44); Autazes (32); Maués (31); Humaita (29); Benjamin Constant (27); Barcelos (24); Presidente Figueiredo (20); Nova Olinda do Norte (20); Santo Antônio do Içá (20); Fight (19); Sao Paulo de Olivenza (19); Boa Fountain (16); Juts (15); Tonantins (14); Brown Careiro (14); Rio Preto da Eva (14); Alvarães (13); Manaquiri (12); Anori (11); Boca do Acre (10); Labrea (10); New Aripuanã (9); Amatura (8); Uarini (8); Barreirinha (7); Beruri (7); Carauari (7); Santa Isabel do Rio Negro (7); Itapiranga (6); New Airão (6); Manicore (6); Nhamundá (5); Urucará (5); Silves (4); Careiro da Várzea (4); Caapiranga (4); Pauinis (4); Urucurituba (4); Tapauá (4); Juruá (3); Codajás (3); Orphan (3); Itamarati (3); North Watchtower (4); Boa Vista do Ramos (2); Guajará (2); Japura (1) and São Sebastião do Uatumã (1).

Others 67 deaths from Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SRAG) are being followed. Among these, 63 are undergoing epidemiological investigation and four awaiting laboratory results. In all, 465 were discarded for the new coronavirus. Information can be found on the websites