Work begins on the new Terminal 6 not Blue Lake

The new T6 should be delivered in December this year.

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As part of the improvements in public transportation in Manaus, announced by Mayor Arthur Virgílio Neto after intervention with the companies that operate in the Sistema, the Integration Terminal is under construction 6 (T6), located at the intersection of Governador José Lindoso avenues, known as Avenida das Torres, and Commander José Cruz, not Blue Lake, North Zone. This Wednesday, 8/7, work focuses on the isolation wall and drainage.

According to the Municipal Secretary of Infrastructure, Kelton Aguiar, this work will be another major intervention in infrastructure and urban mobility carried out under Mayor Arthur Neto. “The development of Manaus, in its various aspects, is a feature of Mayor Arthur’s management. We will work quickly and effectively so that users of public transport can enjoy yet another improvement in the system ”, said the seminf secretary, Kelton Aguiar. The new T6 should be delivered in December this year.

Approximately 25 servers of the Municipal Department of Infrastructure (Seminf) work on the construction site, with heavy machinery support. In this initial phase, the space is sealed, with the lifting of the insulation wall, beyond the underground drainage network, that will drain rainwater. Finished this step, services will be concentrated on earthworks, with application of rigid concrete pavement, for, So, start the survey of the loading and unloading platforms.

Seminf's tax engineer, Adriana Oliveira, explained that the structure of the T6 will be different from other terminals. “There will be four integration platforms arranged in parallel, next to each other, that will serve as support for collectives ”, detailed.

Passengers who access the terminal on foot, will have two entries, one by Avenida das Torres and another by the Acará branch. In the structure, the entrances and platforms will be covered and users of public transport will also have the possibility of recharging for transportation and student voucher cards.

The Integration Terminal extension 6 has more than 23 thousand square meters and the company responsible for the work is Etam Ltda., winner of the bidding process.

The T6 project also values ​​sustainability and will have the intervention of the Special Committee on Landscaping and Urbanism, chaired by first lady Elisabeth Valeiko Ribeiro. The first care actions for afforestation will start in the coming days, with transplanting 13 ingá trees, pupunha, murici, among others, that are inserted in the construction context. Arboreal individuals will be replanted in another area.

The measure has already been implemented by the program “Arboriza Manaus” in other works in the municipality and obtained positive results. Among the most recent actions, is that of Ministro Roberto Campos road complex, newly opened, where a red manioc tree was transplanted from the central bed of Avenida Constantino Nery to a nearby area and that, currently, maintains full existence.

Another example was the transplantation of 17 small and medium-sized trees that were on the central construction site of Max Teixeira Avenue, where the Manoa road complex is under construction, and that were taken to the Mundo Novo set, reinforcing a green area.