Impeachment Commission of Wilson Lima and Carlos Almeida is defined with 17 membros na ALE-AM

A definição de quem será o presidente e relator da comissão especial vai ocorrer em reunião realizada nesta sexta (9).

Writing AM POST

The Legislative Assembly of Amazonas (hazard) defined, this Thursday morning (9), the deputies that will compose the special commission that will analyze the impeachment process of the governor and vice governor of the State of Amazonas, Wilson Lima (PSC) and Carlos Almeida (PTB), accused of the crime of irresponsibility in management.

The definition of who will be the chairman and rapporteur of the special commission will take place in a meeting held at 9 am this Friday (10), and will be chaired by deputy Belarmino Lins, older parliamentary member of the committee members. Then parliamentarians will have 10 days to issue an opinion on whether the complaint should be heard or not, which should be read in the ALE session file and published in full in the Casa's electronic diary.

See how the party blocs nominated:
Block PRTB / PSL / Patriota / PSDB / Republicans:
– Fausto Júnior;
– Deputy Pericles Nascimento;
– Felipe Souza;
– Therezinha Ruiz;
– Joao Luiz;

– Alessandra Câmpelo
– Dr. Gomes
– Saullo Vianna

Prosecutors Block:
– Belarmino Lins

We can block
– Dermilson Chagas
– Wilker Barreto

Bloco PV/PSD:
– Roberto City
– Carlinhos Bessa

Bloco PSB / PT / PDT:
– Deputy Afonso
– Sinésio Campos

Block: PL
– Joana D'arc
– Cape Maciel