Child is raped in hospital while in isolation to take covid-19 test

O crime foi descoberto após a mãe perceber a atitude estranha da garota e a levar para fazer exame.

The mother of a girl from 2 years said her daughter was raped at Hospital Dr. George Mukhari, while isolating because of covid-19, in Pretoria, capital of South Africa. Local police investigate the case.

Police spokesman Mathapelo Peters told the local newspaper, News24, that the complaint was made by the victim's parents.

The girl's aunt said, in an interview with the African News Agency, that the child and the mother were referred to the hospital in 15 of June. As the daughter had difficulty breathing, she should test for covid-19 and therefore be isolated from the mother who was told to go home.

The girl stayed in the hospital one day. She was discharged the next day after doctors said her coronavirus test was negative.

However,, according to aunt, upon returning home, the child started to exhibit very strange behavior. “She was having trouble walking and was always crying. I saw that there was something wrong with my girl. While the mother changed the diaper, discovered a white liquid in her private parts. She initially thought it was medication, because the child was in the hospital. But, the next day, that same liquid was still coming out ”, said aunt.

As time goes by, the girl refused to play and always cried. Observing the girl's private parts, the mother realized that the situation was not normal and decided to take her to the doctor. By clínica KT Motubatse, the nurse said there was an indication that the victim would have been molested.

The Gauteng Police, in Pretoria, confirmed that it is investigating the case. The hospital also reported that it is carrying out its own investigation into the incident and claimed that it is in constant contact with the victim's family..

Child abuse and rape cases are not only a reality in South Africa, similar cases are common in Brazil, unfortunately.

Source: Free Turnstile