'Lady of Hearts' is arrested for helping gang in robberies and thefts of vehicles in Manaus

Her companion, known as “Vela”, is the leader of the criminal organization.

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A jovem Ana Karina Hage da Silva, of 23 years, also known as "The Queen of Hearts", in the Alfredo Nascimento Community, Cidade de Deus neighborhood, northern Manaus, was arrested this Tuesday (07/07), after being identified as a member of a gang that acts in thefts and thefts of vehicles, In Manaus.

According to delegate Cícero Túlio, Head of the Specialized Police Station for Robbery and Theft of Vehicles (DERFV), investigations started in February this year, after the specialized teams received the information that a gang would have invaded a house, in the neighborhood Novo Aleixo, northern part of the capital. In this ocasion, offenders stole a silver colored S10 model vehicle, a sum of money and a puppy of a Siberian Husky dog.

According to the specialist, “Dama de Copas” had a specific participation in receiving material originating from robberies to the residence in Manaus and providing support, hiding part of the gang in your home. Her companion, Gilvan Oliveira Reis, known as “Vela”, is the leader of the criminal organization.

“In testimony, the victims stated that the gang arrives at the scene, with identification of civil police and, then, announces the assault. The members act quite aggressively during the criminal action and even threaten to sever the victims' fingers ”, highlighted Cicero.

“Vela” has already been arrested on other occasions for murder, drug trafficking and possession of a firearm. In 2018, he was arrested along with nine others in power 10 pistols, when they were about to commit an attack on a rival faction.

“Throughout the investigations, our team raised evidence so that we could represent for the request for pre-trial detention on behalf of the offender, and the court order was issued on the day 4 June this year, by Judge James Oliveira dos Santos, of the Inquiry Center ”, highlighted Cícero Túlio.

"The Lady of Hearts" stated, in deposition, that your partner “is for everything or nothing, that he will not surrender to the police and that he will continue to act in the world of crime ”.

Ana Karina was indicted for major theft, reception and criminal association. At the end of the procedures applicable at DERFV, it will be forwarded to the Screening Collection Center (CRT) and will be at the disposal of justice.