Deputy who has already been arrested on suspicion of corruption appears in a list found by the PF in the AM governor's office

The handwritten list was found during the outbreak of the Federal Police's Sangria operation.

Writing AM POST

State Representative Saullo Vianna (PPS) is one of the names that appear on the list of possibly parliamentarians from the State Legislative Assembly (ALE-AM), seized in the office of the governor of Amazonas Wilson Lima (PSC), by the Federal Police (PF), during operation Sangria. The List was released this Friday (3) through the CNN channel.

"Joana, Roberto, Bessa, Mayara, Terezinha, Saul, Abdala, 5% Belão ”, says handwritten text on sheet presented by broadcaster.

Despite not bringing surnames, the deputies who are supposed to appear in the list are: Joana D’arc, Roberto City, Carlinhos Bessa, Mayara, Therezinha Ruiz, Saulo Vianna, Abdala Fraxe, Belarmino Lins.

Saullo Vianna who is on the list already has in his historic corruption scandal. In 2018, he was arrested at 10 days of the diplomating ceremony of those elected in that year's election, by the Federal Police in an operation aimed at dismantling an active and passive corruption scheme and breach of functional confidentiality by providing privileged information from within the Regional Electoral Court (THREE).

The Federal Public Ministry (MPF), reported at the time that Saullo was being investigated for crimes of corruption and criminal association. He was arrested on the day 7 December 2018, was detained at the Male Provisional Detention Center II (CDPM II), in the kilometer 8 on BR 174, and was released five days later.

At the beginning of last year, judge Francisco Soares de Souza, of the 37th Electoral Zone of Amazonas, ordered the archiving of three inquiries investigating a group that allegedly charged money to include votes in 2018. The judge also ordered the annulment of evidence collected by the Federal Police in the action in which Saullo Viana, was arrested.