Businessman arrested on charges of supplying drugs to luxury swing parties

Parties with lots of synthetic drugs, comfortable music and sex could last three days. Trays with viagra were distributed on site.

The arrest of a businessman revealed a large scheme of trafficking in synthetic drugs that supply luxury swing parties in various parts of the Federal District. The distributor was arrested by the Drug Enforcement Coordination (Cord) in 26 June and caused the results to unfold. Much of the drugs packed the parties with sex, always organized by a closed group formed by people with high purchasing power.

According to investigations, the suspect belonged to the circle of attendees of the privê events and sold MDMA, ecstasy, perfume launcher and loló. Drugs were consumed by regulars before, during and after couples exchanges. According to the Metrópoles website, the group avoided going to swing houses and looking for mansions, luxury hotels and sophisticated farms to host the parties. The places chosen were always discreet, away from prying eyes.

Parties with lots of synthetic drugs, comfortable music and sex could last three days. Fueling the events made the businessman - currently imprisoned in the Provisional Detention Center (CDP) - store large amounts of MDMA tablets. Cord police even apprehended 380 drug units, usually imported from Europe.

Careful selection
According to the findings of Cord, the merchant had ample access to the biggest events in the Federal District and made invitations available to members of the circle of friends who organized the parties. According to a man who had already participated in some of the ballads and did not want to identify himself, there is a careful selection to choose the new members of the swing group.

The form of selection is given by closed groups on WhatsApp. “These parties are attended only by people from the 'cream' of Brasilia. Candidates are introduced by couples who are already part of the circle. Beginners are included in subgroups and, approved cases, are inserted in the main and definitive group ”, told the former member.

Single women are often more easily accepted to attend parties. “Single men do not enter, unless they are celebrities. If men or women do sexual programs they are also out of the question ”, explained the source. The selection can take weeks for the new couple or single woman to gain the trust of the group and start being invited to the parties.

Sexual stimulant
Still according to the ex-party goer, synthetic drugs were not the only means of making couples “willing” to resist up to three days of pure lust. “In many of the events, had trays where impotence fighting pills were served, like Viagra. Men consumed these pills a lot ”, said.

According to the director of Cord, delegate Rogério Henrique Oliveira, investigations are ongoing and may have future developments. "For sure, the arrest of this businessman widened the range of investigation and we could reach new authors ”, summed up.

Source: Metropolises