Boca do Acre City Hall is charged to improve public lighting

Pedido estabelece que o Município proceda, em prazo de até 120 days.

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The Public Ministry of Amazonas, by the Prosecutor's Office of Boca do Acre, firmou, on the last day 03/07, Conduct Adjustment Term with the municipality of that Municipality, to ensure the maintenance and operation of the city's public lighting service. The measure was taken by the holder of the PJ of Boca do Acre, Prosecutor Míriam Figueiredo da Silveira, in the course of Preparatory Procedure nº 178.2020.000031. Among other measures, the TAC establishes that the Municipality, within no more than 120 days, from your subscription, the maintenance of all public lighting of the city.

In addition to the replacement of burnt-out lamps, the City must also, gradually, provide replacement of ordinary lamps with LED lamps, in order to ensure, no minimum, 20% of the total network with LED. The public lighting service should, still, It is provided through strict control of the drive and shutdown of lamps, in all neighborhoods, Boca do Acre roads and streets.

“In addition to the importance of signing this commitment, it is also necessary for residents to monitor compliance with the measures, that is why, the Municipality has also committed to disseminate this TAC, in up 48 hours counted from your subscription, on the websites of the municipality's social networks ”, informed the Public Prosecutor.

*With information from the Press Office