Ronaldo Tiradentes says that the TCE-AM counselor has a ‘cinema apartment’ of R $ 20 million in São Paulo

According to the journalist, Ari Moutinho Júnior, took two soldiers from the Military House of TCE-AM to ensure the safety of their children in the capital of São Paulo.

Natan Gaia – Writing AM POST

Journalist Ronaldo Tiradentes, stated on Monday (6) on your Morning News program (89,7 FM), that the advisor to the Amazonas Court of Auditors (TCE-AM), Ari Moutinho Júnior, who is a civil servant in the state lives in São Paulo (SP) and has a “film apartment” of R $ 20 million.

“Adviser Ari Moutinho, civil servant in Amazonas, paid by the people of Amazonas, lives in a cinema apartment in São Paulo. He has lived there for more than five years and has achieved this feat of living in São Paulo and working in Manaus. How come? You receive more than R $ 30 thousand salary to work and live here”, questioned the presenter.

According to Ronaldo Tiradentes, the TCE-AM counselor also owns an apartment in a luxury condominium in the Ponta Negra neighborhood, West Zone of Manaus, valued at R $ 10 million, but this is only used for quick passes. “Not to mention that he also has an apartment in Ponta Negra in the Cannes building. One apartment per floor in Riviera de Ponta Negra condominium. But this apartment here became a place for quick tickets because he really lives in São Paulo”, reaffirmed.

The presenter of Manhã de Notícias also said that the counselor comes to Manaus, once a week, when there is a vote in the Court of Auditors and returns to the capital of São Paulo on the same day. Ari Moutinho Júnior was classified by Ronaldo as a suitcase carrier for Senator Eduardo Braga (MDB), who appointed him a member of the ECA.

During your speech, Ronaldo Tiradentes showed video of the advisor of the Court of Accounts of the State of Mato Grosso, Waldir Teis, trying to get rid of evidence of corruption and compared it to Ari Moutinho. “If this race was at Ari Moutinho's apartment in São Paulo he would probably jump out the window to get there faster”, said.

Still according to the journalist, Ari took two soldiers from the Military House of TCE-AM to ensure the safety of their children in the capital of São Paulo.

Notice me, the Court of Auditors spoke up and said that there are no civil servants assigned to the Court of Auditors and / or permanent civil servants of the TCE-AM carrying out activities outside the State of Amazonas.

Watch video from 24 minutes:

Posted by TV Tiradentes on Monday, July 6, 2020