Amazon has 86.587 people recovered from Covid-19 this Sunday

More were confirmed 347 cases of the disease in the state.

Amazon records 680 new people recovered from covid-19, totalizing 85.546

O número de óbitos elevou para 3.268 em decorrência ao vírus.

Brazil registers almost 24,6 thousand cases and 555 new deaths by de Covid-19

O país é o segundo do mundo com maior número de casos e mortes em decorrência ao coronavírus.

Amazon records 81.113 people recovered from Covid-19 this Sunday

The State has confirmation, in this edition, too much 369 disease cases.

Amazon records 80.798 people recovered from Covid-19

Second FVS newsletter this Saturday (25), more of 581 amazonenses, in the last 24 hours, recovered from Covid-19

Coronavirus cases accelerate and Brazil reaches 2 million in less than a month

Along with the progress of cases across the country, a new plateau of more than 1 thousand registered deaths per day on average.

Amazonas counts 723 Covid-19 cases this Saturday (11)

In all, 69.736 people have already recovered from the disease in the state, second bulletin of FVS-AM

Brazil registers 42.619 new cases of coronavirus and more 1.220 deaths

The country is the second in the world with the highest number of cases and deaths due to Covid-19, behind only the United States.

Brazil surpasses 1,6 million Covid-19 cases; deaths border 65 thousand

The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the country reached 1.603.055.

Bulletin records 1.408 new cases of Covid-19 in Amazonas

In all, 61.941 people have already gone through the quarantine period (14 days) and recovered from the virus.